Human-centric values uphold the institutional foundation. Polimoda brings attention back to what really counts: the body and mind of young students, their gaze as it is, full of dreams and nightmares.

"We do not pretend to save the world because after all, this is only a fashion school. We do, however, always focus on creating a better one. We try to make our students become what they are. We teach a job, be it creative and managerial, and give everyone the possibility to pursue a career in fashion.

We mean fashion as a spirit of the time, a reflection of society and a tool used by individuals to express their identity through the use of garments and accessories involving a complex system, to be created. For us, fashion is a very deep surface requiring a certain level of knowledge to be understood.

Design is no less practical than Business because our students are asked to really create clothes and accessories. Business is no less creative than Design because our students are called to invent new models and rethink brand identities. Our method is hands-on, our teachers come from the industry and share its secrets and our three facilities allow you to complete all of the projects at school.

In recent years, we have made strategic alliances with major fashion groups, the most significant brands and key operators in the sector. This helps us equip each course with a brand or mentor and fully support it. We think the days when university was a parking moment waiting to clash with the reality of the professional world are over. We want school to be a true experience, seamless with work. However, fashion education goes beyond giving skills to work. It has more to do with self-development, freedom, expression and freedom of expression.

Being in Florence means staying in touch with the most important fashion productions in the world, the ones that take place right here. We do this through —otherwise inaccessible— guided tours and applied projects with companies.

Polimoda is, however, an international school with young people from 70 different countries, all lessons are taught in English, there are no differences in gender, race, religion, disability and sexual orientation, and the faculty reflects the diversity of the students. We try to mirror this mentality in our events by featuring a variety of incoming guests willing to touch on paramount topics and encourage honest dialogue. 

We think that an open, creative environment leads to the creation of something authentic and is also the precondition for sustainability. Consciousness is, in fact, necessary to prevent mental pollution which then also generates environmental pollution. For us, technology is at the service of humans, not a substitute, and for this reason, we have created an institution that can fit in your pocket and is accessible from your phone.

We reinvent school. We think Polimoda is different because it combines the cultural openness of a college with the effectiveness of a vocational school. It is worth spending your time here because you can invest in your future in the best way and join a worldwide network of friends and professionals, proudly called Polimoda People."

 - Danilo Venturi, Director of Polimoda