Peace, Love and Solidarity

Students gather at Manifattura Tabacchi to express their creativity

In the courtyard of our Manifattura Tabacchi campus, students independently gathered for a creative performance, expressing their solidarity for the current suffering and injustice happening in Ukraine and the rest of the world. 

With brushes, fabrics, sheets, colors, paints and pencils, students expressed their creativity with messages of love, peace and solidarity in response to the serious international situation.

First-year Fashion Design student Mobina came up with the idea, inviting our community of young creatives to join together for a meaningful performance. Through drawings, paintings, words, images and collages, students and teachers had the opportunity to express their emotions and opinions about the oppression and injustice that afflicts Ukraine and other countries of the world.

A Message of Peace by Polimoda People

"People of my generation are going through a difficult period of anxiety and depression, but together we can resist and come out wiser and stronger than ever!" shares Mobina. "I come from Iran and after so many sacrifices, our society has had to suffer so much oppression, and it breaks my heart to see another country subject to invasion. Talking and acting in these situations is fundamental and precious, which is why I started this project! Speaking of the future, I do my best to make a difference on this planet and I think that if everyone has this mentality we will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel."


Following the student performance, Polimoda organized a drop off point for basic necessities to allow our students, staff and teachers to donate warm clothes, painkillers, canned food, antipyretics and diapers. A volunteer driver filled up a truck full of items and left for Ukraine to bring the supplies to those in need. 

Photography by Serena Gallorini