Rendez-Vous with Nathalie Vinciguerra

A Soul Conqueror Niche Fragrances

Guest lectures

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On September 14th, on the occasion of Pitti Fragranze 16 and in collaboration with Olfattorio, the Polimoda Rendez-Vous series will welcome perfume powerhouse Nathalie Vinciguerra, founder and CEO of luxury fragrance brand Anima Vinci, for a guest lecture on the poetic language of scent, from lyric to elixir.

Vinciguerra’s olfactory origins take root in Paris in the in the international marketing department of L’Oréal, where over seven years she developed a keen sense for fragrance development and international product launches. A connoisseur of all things scent and aromachology (the influence of odors on feelings and emotions), she became the Creative Fragrance Director for Penhaligon’s and L’Artisan Parfumeur, developing over 40 fragrances alongside Master Perfumers from top-notch fragrance houses the likes of Firmenich, CPL Aromas, Art et Parfum, Robertet, Charabot and Symrise.

Her far-stretching career in fragrance includes the development of several bespoke scents for Penhaligon’s, Prince Charles and The Duke of Edinburgh, in addition to a variety of successful co-brandings and two Oscars for Best Niche Fragrance launch for Sartorial (2010) and for the Trade Roots Collection (2015) by CosmétiqueMag.

From book to perfume bottle, she is also the author of Petit Elixir de Vie and Petit Elixir de Nature, whose olfactory formula musings served as catalysts for the development of her own brand and fragrance. To this end, Vinciguerra’s lecture, titled “ANIMA VINCI – SEMPRE VIVO: A Soul Conqueror Niche Fragrances,” will reveal the origins of her visionary niche perfume brand, covering thoughtful ingredient sourcing and the poetic and cultural dimensions of scent creation.