Gucci Cruise 18: bringing chaos into the logic of a brand

Danilo Venturi, Director of Polimoda, reviews the collection


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On the 29th of May, 2017, the Italian fashion house Gucci, which was founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence in 1921, presented their Cruise ‘18 collection at the iconic Palazzo Pitti. Director of Polimoda, Danilo Venturi, was there to view, analyse and ponder what this all means for fashion, Italy and new design talent today.

In the millennial transition, fashion as well as the whole of society has lived through a moment of chaos. Phenomena like the internet, globalization, the downfall of ideologies and the financial crisis have broken every certainty, product, brand and style. So many have tried to give order to this chaos with minimalism, with sudden changes of designer, with well stylized garbage but no one has been able to say with certainty if there will be order after the chaos, because in reality, chaos is the new order. The bravery of the duo Bizzarri / Michele is this: bringing chaos into the logic of a brand. The Cruise 2018 collection ranges from Woodstock to Rasputin, from Instagram to palace life. Research is vast and profound, merchandising is impeccable, styling is homogeneous, the event is extraordinary. Beyond any subjective taste, the objective greatness of the new Gucci course is that it has given a macro response and has become so much the interpreter of the current Zeitgeist. Gucci has the ‘shadow of the future’, the perception of going beyond time and space, a characteristic that only brands with the greatest longevity can embody. Long live Gucci.

Gucci Cruise 18 - backstage, photography by Gioconda & August
All official backstage imagery by Polimoda People, Gioconda and August