An exclusive service tailored for Polimoda students

Polimoda offers a Housing service specially tailored for students away from home and intended to make finding a place to stay in Florence easier and safer.

The Institute collaborates with a range of different types of accommodation structure and with estate agents so as to respond to every type of demand on the part of the student. In practice Polimoda acts as an intermediary between the two parties, guaranteeing contacts that are immediate and transparent. 

All kinds of information about housing (types of accommodation, availability, prices etc.) can be requested quickly and easily by e-mail, writing to or requesting a direct contact with an estate agent during one of the many Polimoda orientation days. We guarantee that the accommodation structure contacted will reply within 48/72 hours.

Please note: Polimoda cannot however be held responsible by students for finding the accommodation proposed by agency, nor can it be held responsible for any kind of controversy arising between students using this accommodation service and agency, as the latter is the sole interlocutor (contact) in and for any student accommodation contract/s.


Information Request

For information about the service please contact

Polimoda has an agreement with an estate agency which can help students in the search for apartments, locating solutions that respond to their needs in terms of both residential requirements and the position of the apartment in relation to the Polimoda premises. Moreover, at the student’s request, the agency can also set up contacts between a number of students so that, from their arrival in Florence, they can have the chance of sharing an apartment and the related expenses. Apartments can be rented for both short and longer periods.

For further information:
View the various types of apartment (PDF)

This is a structure for university students only, which offers accommodation for a total of 80 students in 28 apartments of different sizes, sleeping 2, 3 or 4 persons.
All the apartments are fully furnished and equipped: single or double bedroom, kitchenette and bathroom, plus balcony and wireless connection.
The residence is located very close to the city centre, connected by various ATAF bus routes which take you straight to the various Polimoda premises.

For further information on the apartments and costs:
View the Residence proposals (PDF)

In view of our liaison with a hotel consortium, we also have arrangements with hotels of all categories which can respond to the entire range of students’ requirements. Staying in a hotel can offer a practical temporary solution while looking for alternative accommodation. This service can also be used for relatives and friends who want to come and visit you in Florence.

For further information:
View various examples of the hotels with which we have an agreement (PDF)

Ognissanti Apartments

Elegant building on 5 floors, with lift. 14 apartments, furnished and well equipped ,close by all the attractions and the historical centre. And above all: just a walk from Villa Favard, Polimoda House.

For further information on costs and services:
View the Ognissanti Apartments proposals (PDF)