Laboratory at Villa Favard

Polimoda facilities of Villa Favard, Villa Strozzi Stables and Design Laboratory are all equipped with advanced technical labs and services such as:
Technological centre
Documentation centre
Swatch lab
Internship & employment opportunity service
Educational voucher service


For information please refer to:
Fabrizio Fioravanti
send an e-mail 
Phone: +39 055 2750682

For information please refer to:
Fabio Valtancoli
Marcella Mazzetti
send an e-mail
Phone: +39 055 2750622/40
Fax: +39 055 2750632

For information please refer to:
Lorenza Conti
send an e-mail
Phone: +39 055 2750624

For information please refer to:
Rosita Di Pierro
send an e-mail
Phone: +39 055 2750631

For information please refer to:
Francesca La Letta
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In 1994 Polimoda opened up its technological centre, in order to answer the students' and professors' needs and at the same time offer a point of reference to fashion companies and professionals interested in CAD-CAM programs. The technological centre has established itself as the most advanced educational structure in Italy, concerning new technologies applied to the fashion system. The centre is equipped with several graphic stations spread in different labs, where students can follow the development of a fashion product, from design to data management of the whole production cycle. The entire structure is permanently connected to the internet; wireless system is also available.

We are  pleased to inform you that from October 2012, Polimoda has stipulated a convention which offers services useful to our students.

Below the list of the services provided by Edu Services:

PERMIT OF STAY (stay over 90 days)
fixed costs for postage € 154,80

fixed costs for postage € 154,80



BANK ACCOUNT + TAX CODE(codice fiscale)

TAX CODE (codice fiscale)

For further information please contact:
Dott. Vittorio Careri
Eduservices S.c.a r.l.
Piazza di San Lorenzo, 6
50123 Firenze
Ufficio +39 055 210460
Fax +39 055 3909809

Some information…

This is a government permit for people staying longer than 3 months and it should be requested within 8 working days of arrival in Italy.
A residency permit for reasons of study covers a period of one year; students on courses of several years must initiate the renewal procedure themselves at least 90 days before expiry of the permit, requesting the necessary certificate of attendance from the education office.

Tax Code: (European Health Insurance Card – called TEAM in Italy)
All Italian, EC and non-EC students who live or stay in Italy need to have a Tax Code; the Tax Code is a means of identifying the individuals resident in Italy in their relations with the Public Administration and other official Bodies. The Tax Code is also necessary for a student who wishes to use bank services or enter into rental contracts and access various other services.



Polimoda Library

Educational voucher (for individuals or companies) offer the possibility to request financial support for personalized, educational offers: you can ask for financial support (even a joint one) for a master course, through the announcements of competition held by your Region or Province of residence. Polimoda will help you research the announcements you need and fill in your requests for educational vouchers. 

The Internship & Job Opportunity Office sets up internships (when courses require it) for all Polimoda students. It also promotes the office activities in close collaboration with companies in the field and promotes meetings with students and companies in order to make internship selections. 
Thanks to the Polimoda Campus Database Service, the internship office helps graduates step into the business world and companies hire qualified personnel, thus creating a balance between offer and request. contains the following functions:

‘My Profile’ allows you to verify the accuracy of your personal information, change contact email and view your printing code, as well as academic career (for students) and / or subjects taught (for teachers). The printing code can be found in "Personal Details".
‘My Schedule’ allows you to check your class schedule
‘Messages’ allow you to view the student messages posted on the bulletin board
‘Search functions’ allow you to search for a free classroom, for a teacher, which lessons will be carried out in a specific classroom, or which courses. Each function has specific search parameters such as: location, classroom, date and time, or teacher's name.
• In the mobile version an icon representing each function is displayed on the top right hand side of the screen: "Home", "Change Password" and "Logout".
• From the log-in page the function "Forgotten Password" allows you to change your password – simply follow the steps to receive an email link to reset your forgotten password.

Polimoda offers a Housing service specially tailored for students away from home and intended to make finding a place to stay in Florence easier and safer.

The Institute collaborates with a range of different types of accommodation structure and with estate agents so as to respond to every type of demand on the part of the student. In practice Polimoda acts as an intermediary between the two parties, guaranteeing contacts that are immediate and transparent.

This is the most significant international collection of fashion-related materials existing in Italy at the present time, and it represents a major resource of information, research, and inspiration: monographs, periodicals, video materials and look books, rare antique and valuable materials. 

It contains a book collection covering the complete range of fashion in its diverse aspects:
History of Costume, Fashion, and Fashion Design, Sociology of Fashion, Tailoring, Study of Textiles, and History of Textiles, Photography - especially Fashion Photography - and Cinema, Art, Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Minor Arts (Jewelry and Crafts), Drawing and Graphics (Fashion Plate), Fashion Marketing & Management, Visual Merchandising and Philosophy.

Users have direct access (open consultation) to books, current issues of magazines, past volumes of certain magazines, commercial catalogs and look books. Regarding audiovisual material and some valuable books kept in the closets, users must refer to our staff.

Polimoda Documentation Centre

Polimoda Business Links 2014

20 - 21 March 2014
Villa Favard
Polimoda invites Companies to POLIMODA BUSINESS LINKS, an event designed to foster the encounter between companies and young talents approaching the world of employment.
More info

Polimoda Guest Lecture

At Villa Favard, a series of seminars with illustrious guests and experts for a direct evidence from the Fashion System.
More information

POLIMODA/MAG - Discover the Polimoda Magazine -

Summer at Polimoda offers a pared-down selection of our most popular courses, from the classics to the most innovative new subjects.

It is not necessary to take an entrance exam, you will need to send your CV so that we can be sure of the participants’ level of qualifications and motivation. What are you waiting for? Book your Polimoda Summer Course!

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