Photo Credits: Filep Motwary

A footwear or accessories samplemaker is a planner who follows the development of a first prototype of; footwear, accessories and/or leather goods, following the designer's indications. The samplemaker develops a design project, associating traditional and modern techniques with CAD, aimed at creating a final prototype, developing  sizes and shapes, thus setting a first step towards production and industrialization. They have a perfect knowledge of all materials, components and finishing parts. In a time when fashion companies are internationally and globally engaged, the samplemaker must be able to resolve issues with reference to construction, cost, material, fit and other marketing requirements.

Required skills/profile: organisational skills, communication, quality control, problem solving, creative solutions.

Career Path:  Assistant samplemaker > samplemaker


Orientation in Shoe Techniques (Italian/English)

Footwear & Accessories Design (Italian/English)

Shoe & Bag Collection Design (English)