On the occasion of Pitti Uomo 85 the new PolimodaTalent

January 7-10, 2014
11.00 am - 6.00 pm (Tuesday) | 10.00 am - 6.00 pm (Wednesday-Friday)
Villa Favard
Via Curtatone, 1
Florence - Italy

Launch of the fourth edition of the POLIMODATALENT project, scheduled to coincide with Pitti Uomo 85 (7-10 January 2014), which for the occasion is hosting the installation “Augmented Reality and New Perceptions”, created by Breno Cintra Pugliesi.

A Brazilian born in 1987 in Franca, a city traditionally famous for its manufacture of shoes and accessories, Breno began his career very young; at the age of 24 he enrolled on the Polimoda undergraduate course in Footwear & Accessories Design, where he boosted his technical know-how and developed a more mature vision of footwear design.

The designer was selected for his “TransPerception” collection, in which the confines and limitations of human perception are explored, a dimension in which physical and virtual come together to give life to a new reality.
As he himself puts it: “For my research, I took off  from the concept of human evolution, starting my quest from the origins and moving right through to cyber. I was fascinated by all this and I knew it was the right inspiration for my project. That’s how I got interested in transhumanism, a cultural movement that supports the use of scientific discoveries to boost the physical and cognitive capacities of man.”

In his creations we can, indeed, discern a precise, almost mathematical, project that revolves around the concept of symmetry and is developed in five forms which, gradually, undergo a process of transformation, to the point of achieving a subtle balance between fit and aesthetics.

Breno, the sole protagonist of this edition, will create a special multimedia installation, through which the visitor can see and perceive sensations from the virtual world. Breno concludes: “Through this project I want to make it understood how technology can bring about changes within a society, by breaking down physical barriers and leaving the pre-established paradigms in our perception, generating new thoughts and new ideas, augmenting our sensation “realities” to the point of arriving at a world that goes beyond the capacities of every human being.”

Polimoda Wall | Ph. Letizia Francini Naldi

The launch of the new project Polimoda Day also unveiled the POLIMODA WALL, a wall 11 metres long that crosses the entire foyer of Villa Favard: a narration through images and objects illustrating all the Polimoda initiatives.

On the first Polimoda / Textile Day, held on 28 November 2013, the Polimoda Wall presented a graphic timeline with images and books recounting the history of textiles from Palaeolithic times through to Bradley Quinn’s  “Fashion Futures: textile visionaries”.

Also a wall dedicated to presentation of the new PolimodaTalent, Breno Cintra Pugliesi.

Polimoda Wall | Ph. Letizia Francini Naldi

Looking to the IFFTI Conference (International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes) to be held in Florence in 2015 in the premises of Villa Favard, in January Polimoda will launch a dedicated website devoted to the project, which will involve not only Polimoda, but the entire city of Florence with a series of installations, shows and workshops.

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