Master Fashion Trend Forecasting, ph. Ruggero Lupo Mengoni
Polimoda Fashion Trend Forescasting

Fashion beyond.


9 Months
Attendance is mandatory


EU Citizen: 10 March
NON-EU Citizen: 10 February

ENTRANCE EXAM For Information and to book the admission exam:
Ph. +39 055 2750670/+39 055 2750645
+39 055 2750628
Admission Exams Calendar (PDF)

Total fee € 18.000
Enrollment Fee  € 1.700
Entrance exam fee € 300
Documentation for Student Visa (if necessary) € 200

DEPARTMENT Research & Trend Vision
Notes At the end of the course students highlighted for their didactic progress and aptitude may be given the opportunity of an interview within a company to evaluate a possible period of work experience in the field, in accordance with current rules and regulations. Polimoda also offers a  new platform, a bridge linking Polimoda graduates, companies and head hunters.

We are the new nomads. We go everywhere and are from everywhere, always exposed to art, literature, music, cinema, architecture, interiors, exhibitions, retail, food, fashion, photography. In other words, to culture and human behaviour...wherever.

This new nomadic environment has created a world where we can literally conduct out professional and personal lives regardless of physical location. The way we dress, what, where and how we we respond to what we see in our everyday lives...every aspect of life is influenced by socio-cultural trends, all aspects of life, whereas Trend Forecasting anticipates the direction in which society is moving.

Not only do companies value trend information, they need it to stay ahead in the extremely competitive world of fashion where consumers’ tastes are getting more sophisticated and conscious, and the Trend Forecaster is a professional catching, elaborating and translating this vital information to companies, media or agencies.

This master is perfect for a person interested in everything surrounding us, in particular culture and fashion, and willing to be a key strategic player in any corporation.

See here the final installations of Fashion Trend Forecasting Master Course

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Interview with Lidewij Edelkoort by Federico Poletti

Fashion Trend Forecasting focuses on three main activities developing in succession and each culminating with the creation of a book and other performances valuable as personal portfolio:

INTUITION. It’s about catching the early signals for trends by exploring different domains that can influence each other (e.g. technology, art, music…), observing the human behaviour, the anthropological roots, the current society, cultural and subcultural movements, developing a personal vision, and finally coming up with an intuition, a main concept, a tipping point that can be taken as direction for the future. Book, object to be created by hand, live presentation.

RESEARCH. A first intuition has to be backed by a research for being considered a real direction. Primary sources (e.g. travelling, trade fairs, interviewing, producing data…) get connected to secondary sources  (e.g. exploiting the extensive materials available in Polimoda’s library). At the same time one has to learn all about fashion (e.g. names, structures, theories, but above all colours and textiles). At this point comes a report with one or more future scenarios. Book, video show, live presentation.

APPLICATION.  Concept and report become here a real proposition for companies, media and agencies. Then, it’s up to the corporation to just follow a report or to take the trend as direction, introducing it in a business model and trying to lead market and society through it. This might include also suggestions on silhouette, materials, colour palette, mood board and copywriting, and in any case always responding to the question: “what should we do next?”.  Book, installation, live presentation.

Furthermore, everyone will be asked to participate to the collective creation of a trend magazine and to experience how editorial activities work in reality.

The program includes a field trip in London or Paris, the attendance to a fashion show at Milan Fashion Week, the attendance to Pitti Uomo and Pitti Filati. Other famous trade fairs like Linea Pelle and Salone del Mobile are few hours by train from Florence, and so is Venice. Design and production centres are all around Florence.

Fashion Trend Forecasting has a partnership with Lidewij Edelkoort’s Trend Union and a direct supervision by Linda Loppa. Fashion beyond.

Third edition of the Polimoda’s Master Magazine

Fashion Futures: trend analysis, consumer behaviour, social trends, design trends, retail trends, the five senses, millennium trends
Fashion Trend Lab: primary and secondary research, materials organization, trend application, visual communication, trend and styling, live presentations
Trend Methodology: forecasting techniques, theory and practice
Sociology of Imaginary: contemporary anthropology, psychology, culture and subcultures, semiotics, conceptualization, image and word, vision and intuition
Contemporary Fashion: fashion history, the fashion industry and its main players, brands, designers, products, collections and shows
Fashion 2.0: the internet, blogs and social networks, the organization of a creative team, mind mapping, video and sound design
Business of Fashion: philosophy of contemporary fashion, from concept to corporate, business models, brand identity, elements of art direction
Textile Science: yearns and fabrics, advanced materials research
Colour Theory: basic theory, usage of colour, references and interactions
Fashion Photography: art, aesthetics, photology and photography, alternative press
Photoshopping: Photoshop, InDesign, graphic design, book layout
Fashion Writing: fashion theory, writing techniques, magazine composition
Copywriting: the creative agency, creative writing, advertising techniques
Fashion Spaces: space and performance, installation and event

Trend Forecaster
Trend Analyser
Trend Writer (and/or Editor)
Trend Designer
Colour and Material Specialist
Consumer Behaviourist
Creative Strategist
Art Director

Flash is required!
Interview with Aki Choklat, Course Coordinator


The course is open to graduates (or equivalent) holding a valid academic degree. Applicants with no degree but with significant experience in Fashion or Luxury, will be considered. 
English language is required (written & spoken).

How to apply

Candidates will be selected according to their cv and motivation letter. After a first selection, the Head of Department or the Course Cooordinator will organize a personalized interview for enrolment.

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