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Polimoda Executive Course - Creative Brand Management

Fashion & Innovation

The brand as a container of values generating value, a renewed instrument for fine tuning between collective sentiments and individual trends. Creative Brand Management starts from the analysis of five shattering events such as globalization, of the death of ideologies, no-logo culture, web 2.0 and the financial crash, outlining the range of possibilities for profiling and managing the brand in the chaos of values triggered by these events. This course addresses managers willing to experiment with new creative business systems that reach beyond the metrical benchmarking logics.

Dates: February 23-27, 2015

Language: ENGLISH

Polimoda Executive Course - Luxury Management

The Aesthetics of Power and the Power of Aesthetics

Craftsmanship and heritage, design, brand, quality, price, exclusivity and uniqueness, sacredness, emotional involvement, authenticity and prestige, before, during and maybe even after the crisis. Luxury Management expounds the concepts of positioning, competitive advantage and targets in ongoing dialectics between conservation and innovation, emotionality and functionality, technology and manual skills, local and global dimensions, opening a window onto the new luxuries possible and the emerging markets. This course is for those wishing to enter or already operating in this sector, who want to stand out for their status, style, competitiveness or originality.

Dates: February 2-6, 2015

Language: ENGLISH

Polimoda Executive Course - Trend Forecasting

Predicting the Unpredictable

What will be the new materials, colours and shapes? And above all, why? The prediction of trends, as exciting as it is complex, entails cultural research of the phenomena which spring from society and are influencing consumers in their choices and tendencies. Trend Forecasting starts with exploration of the messages contained in various sources such as magazines, exhibitions, events and media, after which it methodically rationalizes them and transforms them into an overview of the forthcoming fashion. This course is dedicated to all leading managers, designers and strategic planners whose work is to challenge the future.

Polimoda Executive Course - Emotional Marketing

Multi-Sensoriality and Seduction in Marketing

The product as a cult object, the brand as a totemic attractor, the shop as a theatre of pleasure. Emotional Marketing aims to restore a seductive relationship between company and customer. Marketing traditionally conceived to induce purchasing based on a rational quality-price ratio, is completed here with an in-depth analysis of the irrational elements, deriving mainly from the five senses, that trigger the majority of our decisions in real life. This course is dedicated to all managers seeking a turning point to break away from a by-now saturated and desecrated fashion system.


Polimoda Executive Course - Fashion Communication

Shape and Substance of the Message

Nothing ever happens in the society of events, celebrities have turned into competitors of the brands they used to work for and advertising is rejected by consumers who are increasingly more professional in their research. Fashion Communication provides concepts, models, instruments, strategies and measuring metrics for communication that tries to be the shape and also the substance of the message. Communication is becoming like this due to a momentum that includes the representation of the brand and its values, the product, the place, and the consumers themselves. This course deals with mediation and disintermediation.

Polimoda Executive Course - Fashion Technology

Between the End of History and the Cultural Revolution

It is estimated that due to technological multitasking, one day lasts 36 hours instead of 24, now is the new time currency, there are no longer any seasons or seasonality, Facebook is the fourth nation in the world, young generations are informed and inform on internet, sending encyclopaedias, newspapers, magazines and historical brands into retirement while simultaneously founding new ones. This course analyses the impact of technology and new media on the fashion-luxury system, providing parameters for understanding them and the marketing and branding instruments for dealing with them. Fashion technology is tomorrow’s archaeology.

Polimoda Executive Course - Bizarre Bazaar

Return to the Future of the Market

The monobrand as a generator of meanings and emotions, the multibrand as a concept store, a new brand beyond brands, the third place for a customer to become a person. Bizarre Bazaar starts from the analysis of the latest luxury, design and fashion trends, rethinking the idea of visual merchandising at its anthropological source, coming up with new sales point formats while examining their management and profitability aspects. This course uses a transversal language, addressing all those involved in the distribution, exhibiting and sale of products with a high intangible value.

Polimoda Executive Course - Business Intelligence

From Production to the Retail Business

Rapidity and slowness, scarcity and abundance, vision and organization, the supply chain, from the first idea of a product to the sales point; all call for decisions, be they the result of challenges or in-depth analyses. Business Intelligence provides operating decisional models starting from the specificity assumed by strategic marketing in the fashion and luxury sectors. Planning, control and auditing, this course addressed all professionals involved in production and distribution processes, who want to further the development of their own decisional and relational skills.