Photo Credits: Enrico Labriola Studio
COURSE DURATION 60 Hours - 12 lessons
Monday from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm
START DATE February 10, 2014
COST € 1.540,00 +IVA
DEPARTMENT Specialization Courses
Photo Credits: Enrico Labriola Studio

The aim of the course is to provide participants with a high level of professionalism in the sector of visual merchandising and the necessary skills to create display compositions, the means of communication closest to the consumer, and the true point of contact between customer and company.


Secondary school leavers


Assessment of CV and entry requirements.

visual merchandising

Large-scale retail
Concept stores
Why focus on visual merchandising for clothing and accessories
Visual merchandising and brand identity

The sales outlet as a means of communication
Promoting the sales outlet
Research and analysis of the latest trends in visual merchandising
Case study analysis

visual displays

The shop window and window dressing rules
Window dressing techniques for clothing and accessories

goods layout

Making the most of the sales area
Points of focus and display areas
Using colour
Lighting techniques
Display bases: shapes, materials and structures

Photo Credits: Enrico Labriola Studio
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