Torre di Babele, Painting by Pieter Bruegel (1563)
Torre di Babele, Pieter Bruegel

Starting October 2014

Art Directors are creative leaders and leaders of creativity, people endowed with an innate sensibility, imagination and capacity to make decisions. They dig below the surface of everyday life to develop a productive dialogue between vision, craft, visual art and the art of writing.

Art Directors coordinate and supervise all aspects of a creative organisation. In fashion and the luxury industry they form a bond between the departments of design, branding and communication. Art Directors may curate exhibitions, lead editorial activities or add a creative quotient to private or public institutions.

However, what makes a great Art Director is intuition, the ability to read between the lines and understand connections between the here and now, and the hereafter.

The new Polimoda Master in Art Directing for Fashion, starting in October 2014, introduces creative thinking processes through a non-linear methodology embracing curiosity, intuition and perception. The course is visionary yet practical, embracing all possible concepts within six interconnected areas of study: Craft, Calligraphy, Body, Dress, Imagery and Space.

Polimoda Master in Art Directing for Fashion

Design Zhang Ziyu

A new Undergraduate Course starting next October

CRAFT must have its own author, body and soul. It is therefore a subject-object, a SOBJECT, still displaying traces of the human hand. CRAFT tells stories: it can awaken ancient memories, challenge the future, and/or simply represent the current spirit of time. Its script lives in a framework of time and space. It is constructed or deconstructed, coordinated or collaged, regular or irregular, or simply begins with an error.

We can ‘play’ with time and space, and/or dis-play them, in fact CRAFT has to be FORMED but also PERFORMED in order to exist. Such creativity related with art and science is already a PER-FORM-ANCE. It involves a first skin (the epidermis), a second skin (clothing), a third (the city), and a fourth (technology). Emotions, values and expression that flow from intuition and talent can become FORM when matched with skill, technique and know-how. Aesthetics contain ethics when a shape is not only ‘shape’, but rather FORM, as the “physicalisation of a vision”. It is an EROTIC moment between the “not yet” and the “never again” that breeds new FORM.

In the true spirit of the Renaissance, the Polimoda Course in Mastering Craft for Fashion creates a professional figure with the ability to think like a timeless visionary, to produce like an experienced artisan and, to exhibit like a contemporary performer: the CRAFTSMAN for Fashion.

Students on this course not only benefit from being surrounded by solid Florentine craft traditions, full of artistic sources of inspiration and great masters including Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, but they also profit from many great ‘unknown’ artisans: experts in their field working with materials such as wood, paper, glass, cement, leather and straw - using techniques such as printing, weaving, lace-making, tailoring and calligraphy etc.

Undergraduate Course in Mastering Craft for Fashion

Private Classes
Polimoda private classes represent an ideal solution for both students and professionals in need of a customized course.

Seminars for institute
Throughout the academic year, Polimoda hosts short seminars or specialized workshops attended by fashion, design and marketing institutes from all over the world

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Summer at Polimoda offers a pared-down selection of our most popular courses, from the classics to the most innovative new subjects.

It is not necessary to take an entrance exam, you will need to send your CV so that we can be sure of the participants’ level of qualifications and motivation. What are you waiting for? Book your Polimoda Summer Course!

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