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Place of memory, inspiration and creativity

The library contains the most important international collection of monographs, periodicals, videos, look books, and antique, rare and precious materials for creative artists. It is a different kind of library, conceived for the creative artist, for the person who “treats his own mind differently” (Louis I. Kahn), in other words who is able to see images not as they appear to the ordinary eye, but to see what his mind tells him to see.

Opening hours: from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm
The Library will be closed from August 4 to 29 included.

Contact Polimoda Library: Villa Favard, Via Curtatone, 1 - 50123 Florence, Italy. Ph. +39 055-27506.22/40 - Fax +39 055-2750720 - Send an e-mail

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