Fashion Luxury Management

China Moves Closer to Fashion Business

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Fashion Luxury Management is an integrated program to give students who do not yet speak English the possibility to acquire a management specialisation, in a school which, chaired by Ferruccio Ferragamo, represents the Italian legacy of luxury fashion. Over the four years of study, Chinese students develop a high level of multicultural understanding, in a school ranked in the top ten in the world for the quality of its programs.

In the first two years, Fashion Luxury Management offers Italian and English language courses, orientation sessions with a Chinese tutor, visits to the most important companies, all alongside management courses held by an English and a Chinese teacher together. In the second two years, students attend courses with new classmates who come from over 70 different nations, and reach the necessary level of preparation to graduate.

Courses are all held by teachers from the industry with hands-on and original materials. Fashion Luxury Management students also have access to expert monthly guest lectures, an immense library and the computer lab. Field trips to companies, fashion shows and trade fairs in Italy and Europe, as well as applied projects with companies, are all organised throughout the four years.

Candidates with a secondary-school (high school) diploma or equivalent are eligible and selected after an enrolment questionnaire and an interview with the course’s leading teacher. English is the official language of the course. Lessons take place from October to June, and amount to a total of 600 contact hours. The course is completed with an internship in a fashion company at the end of the fourth year. Each academic year is worth 60 credits.

Study Plan

First year
English Language; Italian Language; Chinese-Italian Cultural Orientation; Aesthetics; Contemporary Fashion; Textile Science; Craft to Business; Luxury Lifestyle.

Second year
English Language; Italian Language; Field Trips; World Business Issues; Fashion Trend Forecasting; Fashion Marketing; International Communications; Luxury Management.

Third year
English Language; Excel to Excel; Business Management; Fashion Operations; Fashion Merchandising & Buying, Retail Management; Graphic Design; Web Marketing & Communications.

Fourth year
English Language; Fashion Trade Marks; Sociology of Imaginary; Luxury Brand Management; Digital Communications; Fashion Enterprise; Project Management; Fashion Leadership.

Career Opportunities

Based on the student’s personal abilities and skills acquired, Fashion Luxury Management opens doors to many different managerial positions in the fashion and luxury sectors, such as Marketing Manager, Communications Manager, Operations Manager, Export Manager, Merchandising Manager, Fashion Buyer, Retail Manager, as well as a freelance Project Manager or an innovative entrepreneur with a global view.